not the hero u deserve

 #dc  #lego

quick doodle of arv and zev

first bunch done in photoshop second in illustrator


valentines doodle

and valentine’s special doodly 


elsa dress redesign


some more studies i did for school

reference/study, drawn a long time ago. almost half a year probably.

dalish crafting apprentices probably needed to be able to make some basic essential articles of clothing in their own fit… or it’s just an excuse to get arvel in female underwear

"no man is worth the aggravation"

63!hercules and megara

aladdin rule 63

feel free to correct me if you think im drawing clothing inaccurately. im trying to keep to aladdin’s original silhouette here, though, and also the bare feet thing.

headcanon: the warden commander is sometimes required to dress up for formal parties and arvel isnt even anywhere close to giving a fuck about noble fashion

doodle dump


arvel sketches. 


thank you for following my art blog!

main is pancakesprince

i usually have some quick doodles on there that don’t make it here, but from now on i will post all art here.

i have some basic art rules:

  1. no reposts
  2. please dont use my art without permission for personal things or otherwise. if you do, please credit.
  3. do not remove captions off my posts.
  4. i’d really rather not have lengthy art critiques. (pointing out some stuff i might’ve missed is ok, but most likely i already saw it but didnt want to edit anymore) most of the things i do here are done quickly for my own satisfaction. feel free to comment on the subject, however!