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i have some basic art rules:

  1. no reposts.
  2. if I want my art on that website, it will be on that website. please just directly link to the post on tumblr if you want to share with friends.
  3. If you wish to use my art for anything, (blog icons, sidebar, etc) ask for permission, then credit me as appropriately.
  4. my art is not for your sale. do not sell my art. you have no right.
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  6. i prefer not to get criticism on my art. i’m just here to destress.

a meme over from my nightwing blog

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I have more ships than dickkon and roydick I swear

If you’re interested in my two dweebs, go look for “Harper” uploaded by cuuchulainnn. 

They’re roommates so if you don’t ship the two you can do whatever the fuck you want when the game comes out.

Too bad we don’t get the different ages just yet or I’d be making the entire batfam.

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over the years

psa: i don’t mind people leaving suggestions in my askbox, just don’t expect me to draw them unless they peak my interest.


police uniform, dress, formal suit

autumn/spring outfit, circus tights

discussion with friend over dick making use of his androgyny so that no one looks at them twice or just mama dick lmfao

i just thought it would be cute to draw out.

this is just me collecting a load of references of irini merkouri, who is my facial ref for dick grayson. she’s half-romani, and dick is canonically andro anyway, so i’m using her as my ref.

i exaggerate a few of her features (may have made eyes a bit more droopy on dick, idk if i’ll keep drawing like that but i risk sameface syndrome otherwise)

(alternatively consider her as mary grayson?)

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dcau. based on rp

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fruit loops

headcanon that dick worries about his siblings often

and this is just an excuse to draw roy